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Mold can reduce the quality of air in your home and make it an unsafe environment. Mold is dangerous to your health and can also impact negatively on the structural integrity of your property if left unchecked. For mold issues, the most important thing is to prevent the occurrence, however, if it does occur, you have to tackle it immediately by calling mold remediation experts like One Plus Restoration. Our mold removal experts in Texas are adept at the most advanced mold removal techniques. We train our technicians regularly to keep them abreast of the latest containment methods, safety measures, engineering controls, and best work practices. We offer a transparent and high-quality mold remediation service in Houston in its environment. At One Plus Restoration, we’ll contain the mold as soon as possible, our technicians will use the latest equipment to uncover the sources of moisture, and we’ll clean up the affected areas. Our experts will dehumidify your home/office, treat all contaminated surfaces and sanitize your property.

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Most molds in residential and commercial buildings are caused by the presence of moisture. Any part of the building that’s slightly damp is a potential nursery for mold growth.

Mold growth often starts in hidden places and the longer the wet or damp conditions exist, the higher the chance of the mold growing into a bigger problem. Basically, mold can be caused by any factor that promotes dampness in the building, these include leaking pipe, HVAC issues, condensation caused by chilled plumbing lines, leaky roof, etc.

How to prevent mold growth in your home or business premise

The following tips can help you prevent mold growth:

Always clean up spilled water.

Ensure your HVAC appliances are always in good condition

Prevent condensation by insulating cold surfaces.

Ensure there is adequate ventilation in all rooms

Always keep your downpipes and gutters clean

Ensure there is adequate ventilation in all rooms

Always keep your downpipes and gutters clean

Inspect your home regularly for signs of mold


The effect of mold on your health

The presence of your mold in your residential or commercial property may lead to some of the following health challenges:

Breathing Problems.

Upper respiratory tract diseases.



And many more.


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