Fire outbreak in your home or office premises can be very devasting and chaotic, losing belongings that you acquired over the years can be quite heartbreaking. Fire can ravage rapidly and cause permanent damage if not properly managed. However, unless your property is completely burnt to the ground, a fire outbreak does not mark the end of its life. It is important to immediately contact fire damage clean up specialists so as to prevent further or permanent damage to your property. At One Plus Restoration, our goal is to help you limit the damage to your property. Our team is adequately trained to deal with any form of fire or smoke damage. We understand the impact of the fire damage on your home or business and we know you want your property restored as soon as possible, we always ensure our fire cleanup service is carried out efficiently and quickly. We are always prepared to deal with the challenges and chaos caused by the fire outbreak. We’ll support you all through the process and also ensure your home is restored in the shortest possible time. Our fire damage cleanup service in Houston is structured to prevent further deterioration of your properties.

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Inspection and assessment of damage

One Plus Restoration will inspect the fire scene and provide an estimate for free. We pay attention to details; we’ll ensure that all hidden damages are uncovered so you won’t have to spend money on future restoration. Isolate affected areas that may be unsafe Our technicians will isolate the areas they may pose risk to you or your family.


Drying the affected area

If the water used for extinguishing the fire is still visible, we will extract the water and dry the area to prevent the set-in of mold. Removal of smoke and soot residues We use the latest technology to clean soot in your ceilings, walls, and other affected surface. We’ll help you get rid of the smoke odor using specialized equipment.

Cleaning and sanitation of your property

After getting rid of smoke and soot particles, we’ll commence cleaning and sanitization of surfaces and affected items. One Plus Restoration will also help you to get rid of damaged and contaminated items that can’t be salvaged. Full fire damage restoration We will not only restore your home to its original state, but we will also make it more beautiful. Our team is proficient at a wide range of reconstruction, repair, and replacement services that are required in restoring your home.


Why our fire damage cleanup service in Houston stands out?

We have decades of experience in fire damage clean up.

Our technicians use state of the art technology.

We offer 24/7 emergency services.

Our clients get free estimates.

100% customer satisfaction.


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